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5 Solas Church

What a Typical Service Looks Like
Visiting a new church can be intimidating, and this is probably especially true with a new church plant like ours which currently meets in homes and outdoors for corporate worship. So, we wanted to give you a short summary of what our typical indoor and outdoor service looks like. We would also encourage you to check out our Confession of Faith and listen to some of our Sermons because the doctrine and teaching is the most foundational part of a church.

A Typical Indoor Service
We are a Family Integrated Church, so we keep our corporate worship simple and focused on the most central aspects of worship. Here is the typical order of worship for when we gather indoors:

Spurgeon’s Catechism
Corporate Prayer
Congregational Singing
Scripture Reading
Fellowship (Sometimes w/Meal)

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper once a month. Our goal in this is to have the entire service focused on the Lord’s Supper. We would rather observe it properly than rush through it in order to do it on a weekly basis. However, in the future we may make it a weekly part of our worship.

A Typical Outdoor Service
In our article Corporate Worship Beneath the Blue Sky we explained why we are sometimes meeting outdoors for corporate worship. Well, what does that look like practically? We keep our outdoor corporate worship even more simple so that we can take time to evangelistically engage the lost who are around. Here is what a typical outdoor service looks like:

Engage People and Invite Them to Join Us
Brief Public Prayer
The Public Reading of Scripture
Open-Air Sermon
Counsel Struggling Souls and Fellowship

Come Worship With Us
Come as you are. We tend to dress casually, like we would on any other day of the week. However, that does not mean we come to worship irreverently. We gather with our hearts prepared, eagerly anticipating to meet with the living God through his written Word. So, come as you are, expecting God to do great things through the preached Word.

Currently, we are usually meeting either at my house by the Westfield Mall in Brandon or at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park in downtown Tampa. For further detains or the exact location on the Sunday you plan to visit please Contact Us.

We look forward to meeting you!